Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm not superwoman

Although I've let out my anger on twitter just now, it still feels insufficient. Hell, I don't even know if I'm THAT angry. I just feel wronged.

Now get this point straight. I don't like driving, and I hate driving at night, much worse, driving alone at night. I get scared easily, and I'm a timid person. So if you wanna meet me, please fetch me thank you. -,-'

Another thing, I hate it when you said that you're coming and end up not showing up. Common sense la bro. Of course I've dolled myself up, and the minute you say that you're not coming, you became the jerk.

So, the end result is: I don't feel like talking to you tonight and I'm not picking up the phone. Nope, I'm still awake but I just refuse to talk to you.

Oh yes, I am mad. Talk to me tomorrow and we'll see how.

Till then, the very pissed off me is gonna go sleep. Goodnight the rest of you lovely people! :)
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