Thursday, August 04, 2011

On the brightside

So you guys know how I've been whining about going to lab sessions this week right? Well, it turned out that one of my labs isn't that bad at all. I have three labs this semester; Crop Science *I knowwwwww, blerghhhhh* Cell Metabolism, and Instrumental Analysis.

Now what I really wanna talk about is my Cell Met lab. :D My demonstrator this semester is...... well, how shall I put it? Easy on the eyes, and have a great personality. Although in the beginning, most of us find him annoying coz he was always walking around asking us this and that, BUT in the end I mostly find him adorable! hehehehe. He's just so kind and funny! I hope he gives out marks easily too, though. I'll love him more if he do that.

See how sweet he is? He even took the time to write this and put it on our table. :D I wonder whether I should abuse his email address with love letters and all. Okay, NOT happening.

Well, how easy on the eyes is he? He's tall and you guys know how I'm a sucker for tall guys right? So that's a plus. In terms of looks, he's just typical good looking.
Not as good looking as Ryan Seacrest though. ;)

Ermm, why am I talking so much about my demo anyway??

Moving on, Crop Science was okay but Instrumental Analysis was hell. Its a too long and tiring lab. Four hours doing the experiment makes me wonder my fate if I were to work in the lab in the future. NO THANK YOU. Too boring to repeat the same thing over and overrr again.

On another note, its red flag day for me! This following week should be more energetic for me since I'm not fasting! I'm super excited, but I can feel the menstrual cramps coming. That's bad news. But. But. But. I have good news too! Tomorrow I have only one class at 3pm, hence I can sleep late tonight. Bahahaha. xD Okay guys, I gotta continue typing reports and stuffs.

Note to self: I'm a lousy driver. That's a fact. I wonder when will that fact change? I pity my baby car. He got me, the lousy driver as the owner. God save us both, baby. Mommy's gonna take care of you better this time. Have faith.


Diana Zainal said...

hoi hoi berani kau bercerita tentang pakwe aku! blurghhh..

btw take good care of your baby. since "white" is ur first baby, many things may happen,
calar sikit2 tu normal la, kau baru beginner. haha
but things will be better, dont worry bff!

I.My.Me.Mine said...

hahaha, okayy thanks. :)

p/s: Ryan is mine! and he will always be mine! next week nk flutter eyelashes kt dye la. menggedik sikit. :P