Saturday, August 20, 2011


I think I should probably change my url soon. I have this theory, and I had it tested yesterday.

Guess what? The theory is proven to be true. Yay me!

But then again, maybe I won't change my url. Its a nuisance and I don't really care who reads my blog. If I think you're an ass, then you'll still be an ass to me.

Anyways, after much thought to my temper tantrums last night, I realized that my good friend deserve a beating. But still, getting super mad over that is just well, I don't know, inappropiate?

Well, he's not my boyfriend afterall. Like, get a grip girl. Don't mistaken your bestfriend for your boyfriend.

I'm super busy that I don't need one at the moment to add to my pile of work, thank you. :)

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