Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Touch wood, touch wood

Why I think today is the worst day of this sem?

Well, lets start bright early shall we?

My class today starts at 8 am, and I have a lab session at 9 am. I am proud to say that I RARELY wake up late for class. On weekends, yes I woke up at 11 or 12, but not on weekdays. Normally I'll wake up at 6.50am just to get ready for class. So this morning, Leen woke me up saying that it's 8.40am already. And I was like, damnnnn, that's a horrible start to my day and I'm pretty sure I'm running late for my lab session. I think someone texted me at 6 plus plus am, woke me up and I must've turned off my alarm clock by accident. Thankyouverymuch. =.=

Sure enough, we arrived 15 minutes late. And we proceed with pipetting solutions into test tubes, yada yada yada. Halfway through, we realized that we're doing the wrong experiment. =,=

We redo the experiment, and went to take the absorbance. Then all the readings are negative! Which is useless in our experiment, meaning we have to have a hell time writing our discussions, or we'll have to take the results from other groups. And we chose the latter.

Now, fast forwarding to the end of classes and all. It was 5pm, and I was rushing home to go sleep or relax, or whatever, since the girls and I are gonna break fast together later. When I arrived at my car, I was petrified to see
THIS. *not the real image*

Luckily my car was parked in front of a tyre shop. I was gonna get the guy to change my tyre, but then he said my tyre is fine. And he said that someone must've deflate it. -,-

Wtf, seriously? That's a fucking waste of time. Thank you abg tukar tayar, but fuck you stupid fella whom deflate my tyre!

Now all is well, and hopefully it'll continue to be well. ;)

p/s: someone made me totally unhappy today. well, thank you for that too.


nadd. said...

kejinye orang tu!!!! bengang ni!huuu.

I.My.Me.Mine said...

hehehehehe. keji sungguh kan? grr grr