Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wishlist: Batch 001

Hey guys, its been a long and tiring week. As promised, here's my first batch of wishlist. And there's only three that I can think of right now. So here goes.... :)

I know, I know, wtf right? Pikachu pajamas? =.=' Well, if you guys had known me long enough, you'll be sure to know that I'm a big fan of pjs. But I don't buy it all the time, sadly. Why I love pjs? Coz wearing pjs makes me feel at home, at ease, and its very comfortable! :D
Ouh. In case you guys are wondering, I don't want pikachu pjs. I just want this uber cute long sweatshirt! It looks comfortable for me to sleep in. Hehehehe. Moving on,
I want a new pair of loafers! Mine is looking very worn and ugly at the moment, I think I need new ones ASAP. This is due to the fact that I wore it to class almost everyday. I personally like the yellow, mint and light blue colour from this photo. So, get me one of those please? ;P
This is the MOST WANTED out of all three items. I found this from glossyaddiction and its selling only for RM59! Get me this, get me this!! :D :D
In black. But I prefer the cream colour one coz I have a few black coloured handbags already. hee.

I'm super sleepy while writing this, so goodbye for now. I'll be posting another entry before I go to bed, after this. Thanks for reading, and take out your wallet and purses now!

What are you waiting for?


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