Saturday, September 24, 2011


Hey guys! I am currently enjoying the first quarter of my holidays with my babies in Pangkor. :) we made it finally!After all the stress and workload in Monash, it feels good to finally get away from everything.

I'm sorry for the unrotated picture, but hold on okay? This is only a quick update. Will talk to you guys soon when I reached Melaka. :D

P/s: expect sunburn and lobster-burnt skin after the holidays guys. -,-
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

This is the starting of a brand new day

I love this song! :) Its from the soundtrack of The Vampire Diaries, Season 3 Episode 01.

Okay, now back to more report writing and what not.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

We need romance

I've been thinking of posting about this guy I watched on It's Okay Daddy's Girl and also I Need Romance for awhile now, but couldn't seem to find time. Finally after recently completing the I Need Romance series, the urge to post about him is too unbearable! Why? He's too sexy! *wiping drool* hehehe. Now I present to you, the one and only, Choi Jin Hyuk! :)

A screencap from I Need Romance. cuteness! :D

There are very limited pictures of him on the web, which is somehow frustrating. He's an uprising star, so I hope there'll be more pictures of him in the near future! :)

I was browsing through videos on youtube for a tribute of Jin Hyuk, but couldn't find any that has a happy song in it, EXCEPT for this one.

Early warning, this clip from I Need Romance might be inappropriate for kids under the age of 12? hahaha, hotness to the max! :)
Awww. His arms! (^_^)
If I ever act against my own normal ways, then maybe its because I really care. And you're not making it better. You're a thief, and a liar. I hate you, but. There's a really fine line between love and hate. I'm walking along that line now.
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A quick hello

Hey guys! I know I'm totally in a state of hiatus lately. Well apart from using the common busy-excuse, I have nothing to say really. So many things are happening at the same time and I myself am finding it hard to keep up with life. One day its Monday, and before I know it, another Monday is coming.

Good news is, my mid term break is coming starting from this end of week. The girls and I still haven't confirm the Pangkor holiday just yet. We've been busy and all, so it'll be great to have a mini vacay before continuing with more pile of work and studies.

I'm gonna go browse some sites for Pangkor before hitting the sack. Am tired physically and emotionally. I never knew 'we' can be this tiring. I don't need to be drained out emotionally all the time. I have better things to do. I need stability, if not I'd rather not have you.

Anyway, Mat ni buat gua gelak
Yeah, just like he said, "beat your problems today, and move forward". I'm gonna do that now.

p/s: Things I hate about guys 101- being overly sensitive. like come on dude, being sensitive is my job, not yours. =,=

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Can't expect the unexpected

Wow, what a night. My girls really went above and beyond just to surprise me! :) I was just thinking of updating my blog tonight on my wishlist and how I wanted a cake for my birthday, but I guess now I didn't have to anymore. Hahaha, I get a surprise birthday party, with cake and candles. And I'm a very happy girl tonight.

I'll upload photos with stories about tonight once I've grabbed the photos from them laterrr, yeah?

Many thanks and much love to my girls tonight: Mimi, Alin, Diana, Merah,Aisyah, Miza, Nur, Syu and Ayu. You guys rock my world! ;)

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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Syawal 2011

I can sum it up into one word. Hectic. This was the first raya the Ahmad's are independent and celebrating it in our home with no relatives present. The preparation alone makes me and my sisters feel like laborers. The most tiring days of my life; baking cookies, cooking rendang, cleaning the house and all.

That was up until second day of raya. Almost on third day of raya, the Ahmad's had a 9 hour journey back to daddy's hometown, Kedah. We hadn't been there since like, forever? About four years maybe. It was pretty amazing seeing all the familiar faces, its been to long! :) my nephews and nieces are so cute I wanna chew them! haha. okay not.

The next day we went to KL to raya at my granny's, and to celebrate the homecoming of my uncle from Aussie. All was well, except for the part where I have to carry my lappy and books around to finish my assignments. Those days were hell.

Especially the Sunday night where I slept for like 2 hours trying to finish everything, and continued till 2pm but I still didn't get to finish certain things. That day, and Monday was hell too.

Now its already Thursday, and I'm pouting coz I have extra class tomorrow, 7 am in the morning. Like seriously? Do I have to wake up at 5.45am just to get ready for class? =.=

Okay, enough of that. Since my raya pictures are extremely limited this year, I'll just put up some of my favorites yeah?
So cute right, one of my nephews?? With daddy and big sis.

This girl is just too yummy! So cuteeeeee, like her sister Fawiza.

Finally the very mommy looking me with Haikal, the chewable boy. :D

Talk to you guys laterrr, I've got a report to write. Goodnight. :)

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

When reality sets in

13th of September is coming soon. I'm turning 20 in less than seven days! I feel old already. -,-

P/s: been busy these days, didn't get the change to update on raya and stuff. But I will keep you posted soon. Selamat Hari Raya guys!
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