Saturday, September 17, 2011

A quick hello

Hey guys! I know I'm totally in a state of hiatus lately. Well apart from using the common busy-excuse, I have nothing to say really. So many things are happening at the same time and I myself am finding it hard to keep up with life. One day its Monday, and before I know it, another Monday is coming.

Good news is, my mid term break is coming starting from this end of week. The girls and I still haven't confirm the Pangkor holiday just yet. We've been busy and all, so it'll be great to have a mini vacay before continuing with more pile of work and studies.

I'm gonna go browse some sites for Pangkor before hitting the sack. Am tired physically and emotionally. I never knew 'we' can be this tiring. I don't need to be drained out emotionally all the time. I have better things to do. I need stability, if not I'd rather not have you.

Anyway, Mat ni buat gua gelak
Yeah, just like he said, "beat your problems today, and move forward". I'm gonna do that now.

p/s: Things I hate about guys 101- being overly sensitive. like come on dude, being sensitive is my job, not yours. =,=

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