Saturday, September 17, 2011

We need romance

I've been thinking of posting about this guy I watched on It's Okay Daddy's Girl and also I Need Romance for awhile now, but couldn't seem to find time. Finally after recently completing the I Need Romance series, the urge to post about him is too unbearable! Why? He's too sexy! *wiping drool* hehehe. Now I present to you, the one and only, Choi Jin Hyuk! :)

A screencap from I Need Romance. cuteness! :D

There are very limited pictures of him on the web, which is somehow frustrating. He's an uprising star, so I hope there'll be more pictures of him in the near future! :)

I was browsing through videos on youtube for a tribute of Jin Hyuk, but couldn't find any that has a happy song in it, EXCEPT for this one.

Early warning, this clip from I Need Romance might be inappropriate for kids under the age of 12? hahaha, hotness to the max! :)
Awww. His arms! (^_^)

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