Saturday, November 19, 2011

Potato couch syndrome

See, staying at home is VERY unhealthy for me. The food supply is excessive, and since I'm a fan of tasty food, I rarely decline munching sessions.

The thing is, I don't exercise at home and I'm very lazy to get up for a jog, or even go for a swim. This is bad news. I'm really worried coz 3 months break aint gonna be easy to live by when I'm fat. Shedding off weight is gonna be hard for me once I gain the unnecessary kgs.

I can't find a good solution since obviously me starving myself in a home full of snacks is practically impossible, and I simply do not have a strong will to do so. Bliss won't help me stay in shape for so long if I keep munching food like there's no tomorrow.

I need a workout buddy! Or a job, pronto! Please don't let me be fatter than I already am. Grrr.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The road so far

Hello strangers! I am writing live at home, in Melaka in the comfort of my own bed. :) I got back a couple of days ago, and am planning to stay for maybe a month or so.

See, the thing is, I've got a job to find for the remaining two months to earn enough for our next trip. The girls and I are going a lil bit far this time, hence the multiplied amount of money needed. Its kinda worrying though since I haven't applied for any job yet. Sighhh

First thing first, there's this high paid job that requires a resume to be submitted, and I'm really really lazy to write one up. No, seriously. I've been putting off for almost a week now. I better get to writing tht soon, though. Or else I might have to continue working at Topshop for the remaining of my break.

And TSTM salary doesn't even compare to this one.

Am meeting Zana tomorrow, so I'm thinking maybe I can get things settled before that. I desperately need that job.

Till then guys, will upload pictures once I get to take some. Been too fat, and too ashamed to take pictures. xx
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Friday, November 11, 2011

Blame it on the Alcohol

Hello people! its been a month long hiatus right?! Blame it on the exams and last minute final assignments. hehe. But forget that. What's more important is:


And what better news to deliver to you guys other than this.
Yessss kids. Final exams are over, and I'm having a super long three months break from now onwards! :D I'll be working most of the time though, I still haven't decided where yet, but its a work in progress. I might be back working at Topshop, or I might apply for a job elsewhere, in Melaka or Sunway area. Whatever, as long as it yields high income. :) hee.

So just now, right after our last paper, the girls and I went to watch Immortals! I'd advice weak-hearted people to not watch this. Its kinda violent for people like me, but guys might enjoy it. The storyline is overall okay, but I won't be watching it more than once though.

On the bright side, we get to watch shirtless men the whole 2 hours, so it wasn't bad at all. O.o
Here's one of my favorites.
Theseus. Even his name is sexy right? But its a character name. I am too lazy to google his real name right now. I'll make do with whatever it is that comes to mind.

Will write more soon. I've gotta get some sleep now, its the DO-Nothing day starting from tomorrow! ^_^