Saturday, November 19, 2011

Potato couch syndrome

See, staying at home is VERY unhealthy for me. The food supply is excessive, and since I'm a fan of tasty food, I rarely decline munching sessions.

The thing is, I don't exercise at home and I'm very lazy to get up for a jog, or even go for a swim. This is bad news. I'm really worried coz 3 months break aint gonna be easy to live by when I'm fat. Shedding off weight is gonna be hard for me once I gain the unnecessary kgs.

I can't find a good solution since obviously me starving myself in a home full of snacks is practically impossible, and I simply do not have a strong will to do so. Bliss won't help me stay in shape for so long if I keep munching food like there's no tomorrow.

I need a workout buddy! Or a job, pronto! Please don't let me be fatter than I already am. Grrr.

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