Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The road so far

Hello strangers! I am writing live at home, in Melaka in the comfort of my own bed. :) I got back a couple of days ago, and am planning to stay for maybe a month or so.

See, the thing is, I've got a job to find for the remaining two months to earn enough for our next trip. The girls and I are going a lil bit far this time, hence the multiplied amount of money needed. Its kinda worrying though since I haven't applied for any job yet. Sighhh

First thing first, there's this high paid job that requires a resume to be submitted, and I'm really really lazy to write one up. No, seriously. I've been putting off for almost a week now. I better get to writing tht soon, though. Or else I might have to continue working at Topshop for the remaining of my break.

And TSTM salary doesn't even compare to this one.

Am meeting Zana tomorrow, so I'm thinking maybe I can get things settled before that. I desperately need that job.

Till then guys, will upload pictures once I get to take some. Been too fat, and too ashamed to take pictures. xx
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