Monday, January 02, 2012

Its a 366 pages of a book this time

It's leap year again this year right? The previous one was 2008 if I'm not mistaken. So, according to Irish tradition in the movie Leap Year (was it Scottish? am not sure), the women will mostly propose to men on 29th February for good luck or wtvr. Is that so? Maybe, I will do just that this year.

Okay, will most definitely not.

Since these days, I haven't been in a mood to recap my 2011, I've been delaying till now to write up a post. Here I am, finally tapping the keyboard, trying to squeeze some thought out. ;)

Well, my 2011 I must say was a very good year for me. Looking back at those posts I've written, I've certainly accomplished my resolution to be happy and what not. Although of course, there are many unaccomplished resolutions, the key is that I had a fun and blissful year! I am getting seriously good at being single, I can barely find posts related to me falling in love, or being in love or that sort of things. I hope I'll be better at being single this year, and maybe until the appropriate age for me to get married. Because by that time, I can just have an arranged marriage or something like that. It'll save me all the heartbreak, and on the plus side, getting all the blessings from my family is a good thing right? :D


I am always looking for love, running away from love, having crushes, being crushed and being in love with my imaginary boyfriend. That's because I love LOVE. And as little love 2011 had brought me, I pray for more love to come this year also for me to not run away from love as much. Hehe.

Study-wise, I wish for a lot of things this year. Its gonna be my 4th and 5th semester in Monash, I should really tone down the whining on workload and degree life being hard and start focusing more on things up ahead. I'll be graduating soon Insyaallah, and I should be looking for internships, plan my future, etc. I can't afford to screw up all the time. Adulthood is different from student-hood, that's for sure. Gotta buckle up. A year and a half is the only time I have left to prepare for adulthood.

In trying to make myself better this year, I gotta admit my mistakes and failures. The biggest failure in 2011 was to actually fail a unit in my second year of degree. I am certainly not proud of it, I am very ashamed to be honest. Ashamed at myself for not trying harder, ashamed at myself for trying to give excuses to why I had failed, ashamed at myself for letting myself, my family and my friends down. I have higher expectations of myself, and failing certainly gave me a slap across the face. I've never failed a subject on any exams before, so why start now? I don't want to stoop any lower than that. Once is enough, for a wake up call that is. Let's turn over a new leaf this year, shall we? Nak gamba new year tak?
Nah gamba new year. I hope my silhouette is enough of a greeting for you guys, its my only 2012 photo. :)

Its 3rd January now. I hope its not too late to wish A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you.

Much love, from the beautiful, slim me. xx

p/s: that's my new mantra--->beautiful and slim.

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