Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Should've cut all ties

Another stupid title, yeah yeah. I am writing to let you know that I've cut my hair! Not short, God bless. Hehe. Just enough to throw away all the terrible spoilt ends. :) Well, I think I should've cut it shorter though. There's no picture to show coz there's not much difference, really.

But I love the fact that I am having fringe once again! Not the barbie doll straight fringe, just a normal side-swept one. Therefore, less risk of looking chubbier than I already am.

Now time for news. I have finally started looking for part-time jobs online, and have successfully applied a few. I can't guarantee that I successfully score any job, however. If there happen to be no vacancy for the job I've applied, then its time to move to plan B. Which is, normal job-hunting, which also means going to the malls personally to find jobs, which is also my most hated thing to do. But, whatevs. I need a job anyway. I'd love to try something different this time, like being a tuition teacher or private tutor. That sounds fun right? We'll see how it goes. Hee.

Anyway, for my resume obviously I needed a passport photo. And I only have one left, from last year. I noticed that I looked so fat! Nah, see for yourself.

Hideous, I know. What is the deal with my hair anyway?

That's about it, I'm typing in a hurry actually. Need to continue my drama watching session. This time I'm watching Myung Wol the Spy. It is really as funny as mentioned by Amiron and my sister. Have a good day tomorrow, people! ;D

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