Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Hello again. This very sleepy me currently is struggling to stay awake at least until 12.30 am pretending to do work, when all I ever do is videowalking on Youtube. Then again, assignments to be submitted after Raya is no joke people! Once I started listing it down, it seemed like there's no end to it. Let's just hope that for my sake, I get to finish them up in time. Haish.

So today, Lilo and I cooked for Iftar. Simple meal, but we were having such an appetite that we ate in silence! Never again am I gonna go on impulse-food-hunting and ended up not getting the food that I wanted like yesterday. Uncle Best's fried chicken and IKEA meatballs will have to wait until we can all eat in broad daylight!

Oh. And Mimo left in the afternoon and will be going back to Ganung tomorrow morning. I wanna be in Raya mood too! Instead, I'm stuck here counting hours to finish my last class on Friday at 4 pm. I know, I know, like wtf. Friday classes ending so late? That's my life. -,-

More lab session tomorrow. More hair-pulling lectures to bear. Raya wait for me! Hehehehehehe. Meanwhile, can't say I haven't found time for a snap or two of pics. :P

Forgive the constipated look. I was, well, constipated.

And the retarded look. Because I'm cool liddat. Luls.

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