Monday, August 06, 2012

Of traveller's guide

Well, there's nothing really special about this post. This is only to vent about my wardrobe-less issue! Yeah, yeah old news. But I've been living without a closet in my room here in Sunway for already a month or so. Attacked by evil termites' really unlucky. I had thrown out my full length mirror and closet. So I am left with a  huge luggage and portable rack to hang my clothes.

I've been waiting for cash to flow into my almost frozen-like bank account to get a new closet. Its so expensive these days! About RM 200 to RM 300 for a decent wood closet. That is among the cheapest I guess, still it cost a lot. I have to take note of this for future house furnishing purposes! Hehehe. 

Urmm, so when's the new closet coming in?

After raya MAYBE. Just maybe. Till then, I won't die using the rack and luggage. 

Excuse the very messy room. My room was originally, well, messy. :P

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