Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Raya Blues

The final week to raya is finally here! I can tell that I'm totally psyched about raya as I've totally failed to concentrate on my lectures this week. We're talking about 4 more fasting days, and kaboom! Raya on Sunday. ;) hehee.

On the topic of Raya, I DID went for my baju raya hunting (for the third time) on Saturday! Thank God for best friend! I dragged Mimo for my search and finally settled for a simple kurung. Although it took us from Subang Parade to SACC to PKNS to find tht baju kurung, I was satisfied tht I got the color that I wanted! Which was peach btw. ^^

The rest of the raya stuffs will have to wait till Friday, for last minute shopping is ALWAYS fun, and I'm hoping tht my money will get released soon!

Well, tomorrow is lab day so Imma have to turn the sheets now. Goodnight dolls. :D

*Movies to note: Total Recall and The Bourne Legacy- I wouldn't recommend watching em. Lack strong storyline and worth dozing off for. Lol.
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