Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Someone's lazy

Yup, thats me!! I'm still caught up in the Raya syndrome, and I simply refuse to get out of it. My assignments due this week is crazy hard, and I've been putting off doing it. God help me get through this week please! I'm having my PMS, which is not good to add to the pile of stress. And, I've recently became such a lonely bitch, so I am always demotivated, and my weight issues isn't helping either! Have I told you guys that I'm having skin problems as well?? Darn hormones. I need to switch products again, pronto. I hate becoming the ugly one, instead of the pretty one among my sibs and my friends. Yes, I'm selfish like that.

I am so gonna regret tomorrow, whining so much and not getting any work done tonight. But eff it. I just cant handle the stress right now.

This is so me.

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