Sunday, August 05, 2012

The ups and downs...

Hello faithful readers! *If I have any, that is.. I guess I'm finally back, though I don't know for good or maybe with hiatus again here and there. The point is, I admit, that I've abandoned this blog totally for about five months or so, and even months before that  actually. Its not like I have nothing to talk about, but I've been keeping things to myself lately. Is that good? Bad? I don't know. One thing for sure, I feel strongly about writing again. I myself find Chak to be such a bore with my routine. Watching dramas, movies, day and night? Come on. There're much more to life than that.

So to keep this post from dragging to ten pages long, I've decided to do a quick recap of pictures. Yeah, the procrastinated pictures that I kept promising to upload but ended up didn't uploading any. Well, if I recall correctly, I've missed on a lot of pictures from all of the events since beginning of the year.

First of all, our first 'makan' session after starting fourth semester in Monash at IKEA. This was taken after the three months fattening summer break!
My visibly wider cheeks! hehe. With Mimo and Lilo lovess. :)

I particularly love this shot of Lilo with Mimo and me in the background. Cute eh?

All those dresses tried, but only one purchased. Guess which one?

More eating session with the girls. At Pizza Hut, before they upgraded to more AWESOME menus! hehehe.

Camwhore-ing session at the lab, as usual. 

Diana konon gambar candid. Eh?

Times square haul trip. Also prepared stuffs for the Langkawi trip. ;)

Us, before leaving for Langkawi on a 3 days two night trip. With Mimo, Diana, Merah and Syu!

In front of the chalet we booked. I absolutely love sitting by the beach at night, chatting with the girls. It was a very cherished memory for me. Aww. 

My personal favorite shot from the trip. I was yawning btw, but it somehow looked like I was gaping at something in the store? Credits to Syu for the fast hands for candids!

Cable car ride. With the very height-fearing me.

Vain shot in the car, heading for dinner place. :P

Why this photo from last year's Pangkor trip? Well, simply because I miss those lean legs. I have frigging mom-leg now. T_T

The pictures from this fifth semester which started two weeks ago is piling up as well, but I'll just keep it for the next post. Tons of things to write about, things have been happening so much that sometimes I lost my grip on reality. 

Talk to you people soon. xx. (^_^)

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