Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Royale La Magnificience

As promised, the pictures that we've all been waiting for? Hehe. Feast your eyes!
All five of us. :)

Been looking everywhere for pictures with Syu. So beautiful that night!

The infamous wedding photo with Bambam. Luls. Xp 

Mengumpat lettew~

Selfcam! :)

This happened when we were bored. Hee.

Our group photo, minus Syu who left early. :(

Tiga serangkai photo time! Love my babes. :*

All the girls, complete set. :D Love you guys long time.

My date that night, Biana. 

Sofea sayang comel! We met after all the hecticness, finally. :)

Three bored stooges. 

So, that was bits and pieces of the ball I grabbed from Bambam's and Mimo's albums. It was a night full of events, expected and unexpected. The ball itself was so so, but spending quality time with my precious ones is priceless. I loved the thrill nearing to the ball, where we were all excited looking for gowns, shoes, accesorries, etc. And I loved the fact that the boys dressed up for the ball, so handsome, thumbs up! :) Although I missed grabbing 'him' for a photo, I settled with watching his huggy photo with B. Okay teary-eyes now. THAT SHOULD BE ME!

No room for regrets now, its all in the past anyway. I'll be sure to stare at the both of you when class starts next week. Just to clarify whether you guys are dating, or what not. Funny me.

Moving on to more exciting things, I am now officially a nigga! I just got back from my Perhentian trip with love. It was AWESOME! I'm still waiting for the pictures to be uploaded though, then I'll be updating. Hee. Be prepared to see the sun-burned me. :)

Till then, these fast fingers are gonna work their magic on late reports to be submitted!

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