Sunday, September 09, 2012

The love of my life

These kids. 

I am currently having a hard time trying to write my genetics essay, let alone trying to finish it by tomorrow. My thoughts are all over the place. And then I thought of my two lil brothers. If only they're here with me, they'll be the ones who'd put a smile on my face. They'll cheer me up, make me laugh, oh I miss them. I miss them like crazy! 

And so I called mom just now, talked to the kids and what not. I'm feeling a little better now that I get to talk to them. :) I miss home though. 

Wait for kakak for two more weeks, I'll be home soon. And you guys can continue driving me crazy then. I love you guys! I'll just have to endure the torture of tons of assignments before the mid semester break, but I'll be fine. I'll be okay. :)


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