Monday, October 08, 2012

I was surprised

Hello readers! Remember the other day I was saying that my 21st birthday was a rather low key event, where I celebrated by myself? I guess it wasn't gonna be low key afterall. This year, my girls over-exceeded my expectations yet again! The party was much later than my birthday, so I wasn't expecting it, and frankly I was surprised, and touched, :) Thank you so much for celebrating another year of me getting older sayangs. Hehe. Love you guys long time!

Now, lets move on to the pictures! Pardon the specky me, I'm currently having a sore eye.
 Karaoke session. :) Awesome!

 Thank you for the beautiful decor that night. So pretty guys!
 The cake was delightful. Me likey! :)
 Blowing my candles. I made a wish.

 All of us, minus Lilo. Get well soon darling!
 Ex-birthday girl strikes a pose. ;)
 Mimo and Shasho. Now and forever.
 Sing your heart out!

Since this is my final year in Monash, this will also be the last year I'm celebrating my birthday with my close friends. I can say now without regret, that it was a birthday well-spent. Thanks again, guys for being with me throughout the years, watching me rise and fall, I appreciate it all. I hope that there'll be many more years of laughter for all of us together!


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