Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Just another Tuesday

Or maybe not? Hehe, Mimo and I went hunting for kurung to wear for my brother's wedding in less than a month! I am very excited, and its only natural that I wanna look good on his big day. :) And I've found the right baju! Couldn't be happier. Thanks Mimo for willing to get dragged around looking for that baju. It was super hard finding a nice turqoise kurung, so I settled for a baby blue kebaya instead.

Moving on, to more pressing issues. My finals is coming in another 13 days! A very short 13 days. And I still have things to be submitted up until Friday. It's driving me crazy, and its making me lazier and lazier. I just want the assignments to be rid off, so that I can finally start studying! God, give me the strength to get through this coming days with less laziness, and more action.

And, tomorrow's gonna be the all date day! My day and night just got fully booked with my bestfriend, and my date. Let's just hope that I wont be completely exhausted tomorrow night, coz I still have things I need to finish.

Will let you guys know how my dates go. :) Goodnight loves. 

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