Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kembara Raya 2012

Hey guys! I know I'm supposed to be typing really fast coz I have my final genetics report to be submitted tomorrw, but I'm just taking a break. Hehe. Since my kembara raya post got delayed, I decided to just put up pictures instead. :) I love my baju raya this year, I grew fonder of the color peach with each passing day.... Okay, so out of topic. Back to the right track, our kembara raya this year was to Lilo's, Fufu's and Anis's and Merah's house. Although Merah's was more of a wedding, I still count it as kembara in my book. Ngehehe. NOW THE PICS!!

The pre-raya photo, with le baby sis.

 Pagi raya with my favorite uncle.

 Le three sisters. :)

 The bored people, plus one makcik at the back. :P

 At Lilo's

 The group photo. :)

 At Fufu's!

 At Merah's with the cutest kid ever! Wafi. :))))

 The girls. All in red/ pink. Ngehehe.

 Otw to Merah's.

 At Anis's. Hehe, tuan rumah towel atas kepala kan. ;PP

 Anis's room invasion! We took over her keyboard and guitar, and got some music lesson. It was fun! Thanks nis. Hehehe.

 This year, it was a raya full of events, and open houses. This might be the last raya all of us get to spend together, and I'm glad we spent it well. :) Thanks to Lilo, Fufu, Merah and Anis for having the gang invade your houses, and thanks for the good food too!

Okay, now back to report writing. :) Cheer me up some more will ya?

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