Saturday, October 13, 2012

Of Perhentian, with love :)

Hello again guys. I know I've promised my Perhentian pics like, ages ago, sorry for uploading the pics only now. Hehe. Though I was very excited for this Perhentian trip, in the end a few of our friends bailed. So in the end, only Mimo and I decided to go. It was awesome getting away, just the two of us. Afterall, it kinda reminded me of all those times in Mufy when it was just us two going everywhere together. We missed the other girls as well though. Let's hope for a full set of our gang for next sem's vacay okay? 

Enough talking. Let's browse through some pics! :)

Us inside the bus, with our neck pillows on. It was right bringing them, as the bus journey took 9 friggin hours!
 The next day, once we arrived at Perhentian Kecil. Backpackers style.

The first journey to discover the route to Long Beach. We had to hike! But it was all worth it.

At Long Beach. Its so pretty over there!! I miss the beach as I'm writing this. :(

Perfect weather. Not too hot, not too shady either. Just nice for a morning swim. 

 The next day, having a light read after my super long snorkeling session. I even got seasick! I kid you not. But the fishes were awesome!

Jumping photo, a must!

 The nice couple we met there. Its nice having company hiking at night to Long Beach. Hee.
 Guess who I met there? My long time friend, Ines. Thanks for assuring me of the weather and being such a good guide there! :)

Last dinner, before heading home the next day. Huu.

It was a full relaxing vacay, despite piles of assignments waiting once I got back. Its one of the best places I've been to so far. I'd love to go here again with the girls and hang around more. The place is so beautiful and relaxing for my not so sane mind at that time, thanks to the assignments. 

Hee. Finally done with this post. Now pending will be the post on Lilo's and Syu's birthday dinner a couple of days ago. Wait for it! Till then, xx.

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