Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Finally, its December

Hello guys. Its been a while. With all the things that's been going on lately, I'm on the busy side now.

And so, as promised, the good news. I finally got accepted for an internship! Ngehehe. Though the holiday seems so short, now that I left it, I managed to drag my feet back to Sunway to give this three months a day to day working experience till March. Just pray that everything goes well while I'm here, won't you?

Well, this is my third day here and everything's been wonderful so far. I'm still very awkward around other staffs, but they're really nice and friendly, its all cool. Hehehe. I can't tell whether these three months are gonna end up in a good note or not, but I hope it will. I know I've said this a lot. You know, the things I said about how I would hate it if I have to go and work in the lab? Yeah, that one. Apparently, I am currently not working in a lab, but in the office, doing paperwork. Still, I feel like this is not my calling. So, I'm thinking of asking my supervisor if he could kindly let me experience doing lab work for a few days, maybe towards the end of my intern. It'd be nice if I can try out different things here. I am especially looking forward to the event management aspect, but we'll see how that goes.

I guess I'll be writing more when I'm here. The office is too cold, and I need to look hardworking. Hee. :)

Don't miss me too much ya? Ttys.

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