Monday, December 24, 2012


Hello again, Monday. I'm here back in the office, and its so deserted today! Most of them are away on Christmas leave and its just me in this part of the office. Anyways, I was pretty much just googling stuffs just now and I decided to Google my name. I was surprised to learn that all of my social sites are available on Google, especially my blog! I switched my display name like agesss ago to avoid this particular situation. But my blog still appears as my old posts were signed under my name. 

Ughhh. I feel so exposed now.

Thinking back on my hobby of stalking people especially by googling their names, I'm pretty sure if anyone were to find out more about me, there'll just Google my name. And tadahhhh! Everything's there! T_T I AM SO DEAD. If anyone from the office were to do just that, there'll definitely discover my so-called 'SECRETS'! Can't we like remove ourselves from Google's result list or something? 

Its not that I don't want people reading my blog, seeing that my blog is not privated. So far, I've written stuffs only for my friends and family to read simply BECAUSE THEY KNOW ME. BECAUSE THEY DON'T JUDGE.

I can't imagine expressing myself more politely or avoiding curses meant for people who deserved it. So I've decided to just keep using this url. Changing it will be a hassle as I've been using this url for like, forever. 

Okay lah, gotta tone down on mentioning my crushes here all the time. Well, at least I'm gonna edit the initials and assign different alphabets to them, Ngahahaha, that way I can ALWAYS talk about my crushes.

Now editing old posts. TTYS! 

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