Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kung fu panda

Thank God for supporting family and friends. I survived yesterday just fine. Despite having no sleep at all, I went to work this morning all smiles and rainbows and sunshines. Thank God for caffeine! I lost count of how many cups of coffee I've taken, but I'm pretty sure its a lot, considering the fact that I'm still awake and typing now. Blergh.

Never in my student life have I ever not sleep at all, even when submitting super tedious assignments! I will usually have a minimum one hour nap, before waking up to go class or continue with the day. 

Now, I'm at work, and its already 3 pm. I somehow fell asleep in the toilet just now, so I drink more coffee. Now I'm hyper but my head hurts, and my body's sore. 

  I need to sleep. Soon. 

I'm cranky, I'm bitchy, and I hate everyone now.

I will have 12 effing hours of sleep tonight. I will murder anyone that disturbs my sleeping time.

I fucking will.

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