Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bangs dilemma

Thank God for encouraging friends! You know how I've got bangs now and I was feeling all horrible about it coz it makes my face looks bigger? Well, thank you to the few people who did not laugh at my bangs and makes me feel better about it. Geez, I would've died over and over without you guys.

You see, the thing I feel most insecure about is my cheeks and double chin. So, its not helping when people comment that my face looks twice as big as before, simply because I have bangs now. 

A lil encouragement wouldn't hurt, right? Just to make me feel better, since I already feel restless about my new haircut.

Okay now, please don't laugh.




.::meanieninie::. said...

cute sangat la jeje, not bad at all!

I.My.Me.Mine said...

Hehehe, thanks ninie! I was feeling terrible because of the new bangs and all. i'm feeling better now. :)