Friday, February 22, 2013

Final five

Yup, It's the day that I love most!

So, what's in store for the weekend? Hurm, let's see. 

Well, nothing.

I might just have to drag myself out of bed and go out to watch a movie or something. I don't wanna spend the weekend at home never leaving bed. Never leaving the bed would be a great idea, if I'm not alone. Sadly, I'm alone, so scratch that plan.

What else to do, besides going out to watch a movie? I'm racking my brain thinking of an activity to do alone. Can't think of any. Which sucks. Well, maybe I can go for a swim? I don't know.

I really should go out more and meet more people. Okay, I should contact my friends from around here and go out for a catch up session. That'd be great, except that I don't know who to call.

Okay, let's worry about that later. Now that I've got a plan, I just need to set it in motion. 

Have a great weekend guys! :) I'll try to have fun too.

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