Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Post-New Year

Now that the Chinese New Year holidays is over, I am left alone back in Sunway. The others are back in their hometown, enjoying what is left of the summer holidays before the new semester starts in March. Ahh, I wish I'm in the midst of my holidays as well! I wish I don't have to go to work tomorrow. I wish.

My time in the office will come to an end soon. 13 more working days to be exact. As I reach this period of my internship, it feels surreal that more than two months had passed. It feels surreal that the new semester is fast approaching too!

Just to share a good news. I passed my genetics paper!! So, this coming semester will be my last semester in Monash afterall, given that I pass all the units I'm taking this semester. :)

Oh, on another news. Mom's doing better now after getting discharged. She's still stuck on doing fisio for 3 weeks or so, but she looks better! God, I hope she gets well soon. I miss her already.

Will write more soon. I'm feeling very sentimental since V day's coming, you see. Hehe.

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