Monday, February 25, 2013

The final four

The final week of internship is finally here! Oh My God, I can't believe that we're finally here. Phew, three months come and go by pretty fast. With the internship coming to an end, so will my summer break. In  seven days, my final semester in Monash will start. Classes starts, assignments starts and business starts. Back to student life, I guess.

Haha. Enough of that.

So, I mentioned the other day that I was gonna have fun over the weekend and not stay at hone right? Well, I did! Have fun, I mean. I went out with Ifa, and spent the night at UKM on Saturday. We had a very nice catch-up session from watching movies, shopping and all. AnddddI got a haircut! I now have a fringe, which I'm sure will look better once it grows a centimetre or two.

Right now it just looks, honestly speaking, weird. 

I'll get over that in a few days, I'm sure. Or I sure hope I do. 

This  week is all about prepping to go back to school, and what not. Gotta go look busy again, but here's a song I've been listening to. :)

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