Sunday, February 17, 2013

The last 10

Monday is here again, and I'm glad to say that the countdown to the final day as an intern has officially begun! 10 more days and I'm gonna be back in Monash. 10 more working days= 2 weeks. Some of my Monash friends are finishing this week, so I'm green with envy. A one week break before classes would be great. Geez.

I need more time to relax, if not, to burn more calories. I think I've put on more weight these few weeks, thanks to the office for the endless amount of food, thanks to me minus self-restraint, and thanks to this lazy ass for not working out! I'm in need of a workout buddy. ASAP.

Since I'm in 'fixing me' mood, here's a picture i snapped 5 seconds ago. I look like I've been to hell and back. See those eyebags? They get deeper and deeper by the day. My chin is tripled now, and what else? My crazy hair, my dry skin? You name it, I've got it. This is bad. Food is evil! And lack of sleep add to those bulge I have around my tummy. Blergh. Gotta sleep more.

Well, I've gotta get up for work tomorrow, and I'm not excited about that.

I want this two weeks to end fast. like, really.

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