Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bring out the ogre in you

By sporting GREEN hair. Hahaha. I must admit I love the shade of green that I used. All of this as a result of chalking. Looks a bit weird, I know. But the color grows on you more and more.

Excuse the chapped lips. And I was wearing pants, FYI. Nice shade of green right? ;)

No worries, I just did hair chalking which is not permanent. You can wash it off immediately. I wouldn't recommend chalking your hair, coz its just super messy! Its literally using chalk plus water to add color to your hair. My skin was greenish when I was done chalking, and my hair got super tangled I had to wash it immediately afterwards.

I kinda prefer the spray for highlights. I once had a purple spray which was awesome. Though it does leaves my hair rough and stupid, it wasn't messy and easy to apply. I love it.

I kinda feel old to have odd color on my hair. Gosh. 22 years old. Hurm. That's pretty old, compared to... say, 19. 

I think I might finally have a bucket list of things to do before I reach 30. 

Woahhhh. 30. Geez.

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