Monday, March 25, 2013

Its time to go crazy

With work, I mean. So, the busiest week is finally here and I find myself having less and less hours of sleep. It doesn't help that I vowed not to touch caffeine, which is probably why I'm like a zombie half the time.

I have good news though.

Dr. K is taking over this week's genetics class!! Weehuu. :) Its been a while since we all had him as our lecturer. Two years to be precise. Ngahaha, it doesn't matter if he's getting older or what not, he's still easy on the eyes as ever! That should count for so many things. I find myself concentrating really hard on his lecture, that's good right?

Other than the Dr. K news, the essays are still there to haunt me. Merah and I are gonna try to finish one tonight, so that I can finish the other two essays by the end of this week.

TTYS people. xx

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