Saturday, March 09, 2013

Of plantations, hotsprings, orangutan and love.

After the long wait, I am now finally posting pictures from my days as an intern. Hehe. Sorry guys, I've been collecting a huge pile of it and because of the circumstances when I was an intern, I can't post it at that time. Now I can! :)

Starting with my trip to Perak taking students to the plantations and oil palm mills for them AND ME to get to know more about palm oil. Weehuu!

Here goes...
 I took a 6.30 am LRT to KL Sentral where the bus, kids and other colleagues awaits.

 First stop was at FELDA Bersout, Perak. At the oil palm plantation, with the cutest kid ever. Noah. :)

 One of the students getting a hands on experience on harvesting the oil palm. Which is scary, btw.

 Lunch before heading to the mill. And it seems like someone is in desperate need of rabbit ears! Ngehehe. :P
The mill.

 Done with the activities of the day. So, its chilling time at the hotsprings!

 Dinner with the kids.

The next day, on the boat heading to the Orangutan Island! Hehehe.

They couldn't find my nametag, I'm Max for the day. Hihi.

This big guy is.... Tuah, I think. I love the colour of his fur, hence the picture.  They orangutans are so human-like, they amaze me!

Le colleagues. :)

Le sleeping beauty? Haha.

 The next day, back in the office and the kids came for a visit. :)

Final picture.

This trip was one of my memorable time during my intern. This was where I made new friends, and bonded with my colleagues whom I otherwise only smile to in the office. It was all in all, a great trip.

I love you guys.

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