Saturday, March 09, 2013

The day we slayed a giant

Or maybe NOT. Well, at least this man did.

 Jack. aka Nicholas Hoult.

I'm still waiting for Warm Bodies to be released next week, to watch him again in action! I can't wait!! I think I must've watched the trailer for warm bodies ten times or so. He is just too cute! Hehehe. 

Well, back to the main topic. 

So the girls and I went to watch Jack the Giant Slayer a few days ago. The movie was quite lengthy, but overall okay. Since there are tons of bedtime stories made into movies these days, I become less and less excited as every new movie is released. But....... Hansel and Gretel is the best among them all. Can't argue with that. :)

How about pictures now, shall we?

 The monkey I carried around Kaison. Pardon the monkey-like hair yeah? I'm still counting on it to grow moreeee.

The "master bedroom" clan. ;) Lilo and Mimo.

Le huge face vs le duck face.

I'm working on the other posts.......NOW. Wait for it!

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