Friday, March 22, 2013

The first of many

Well, hello people. I just came back from my date with the guy from work. Hehehe. I had a nice time over dinner, and also the movie. I won't talk about it in much detail because I don't know if there's gonna be a second date or not. I hope he's gonna ask, soon.

So, we watched Django Unchained which was the best choice for a movie that I've made this year. I gotta admit, there hasn't been that much of a good movie showing these days. Django Unchained made me love Quentin Tarantino so much for writing such a great story!

I find Jamie Foxx so handsome in this movie! Which is probably the only time I ever find African-American actor attractive. But he's just too cool in this movie that he makes me go "awhhhhhh" all over. My verdict is: its a must watch! I'd give it a rating of 9/10. Yupp. Its that good of a movie. :)

I have to get back to finishing my assignment now.

I like how this guy makes me feel at ease. Its been a while since I last feel like I can connect with someone. I can only hope he feels the same, because I'm starting to put my guard down now and I'm finally allowing myself to feel... happy.

xx loved ones.

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