Thursday, March 07, 2013

What, its Friday already?

Yes. Well, my first week back in Monash is almost up! Can't believe I've spent four days going back to classes, having labs and all. And its finally Friday. Time flies. Really.

Okay. So, what's new in Monash? Or this semester anyway?

Nothing much, actually. But I feel that my steps are lighter going to uni this time around. Maybe because this will be my final semester here. There's something saddening about leaving Monash, to face the real world. I have to be prepared for this, unfortunately sooner, rather than later. Hehe.

Anyway, forgive me for the missing action this week. I've been busy relaxing while I can, at least before the assignment rush and stuffs. I will try to write more, mainly because I owe so many posts, and also because this will be the last semester that all of us girls will be together. :(

Enough with the sad face.

I'll give you sunshine and rainbows.

So, just now I met up with my ex-colleagues for a makan session. I miss them already! We used to go for lunch together almost everyday, for those three months of my internship. My 'makan gang' helped me with a lot of things from getting to know the staffs, to taking me out on trips and what not, and I can't thank them enough for all the wonderful times. :) The full group picture will have to wait as I'm always slow with pictures. Hehe. Till then.....

;) xx

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