Thursday, March 28, 2013

Why we're not gonna work

So today I got a lot of time on my hands spent on thinking, instead of sleeping coz the caffeine effect was wearing off excruciatingly slow.

And you know what I suddenly realized?

Why me and the guy from work will never work out.

Its so simple, I can't believe I missed it. I'm finishing in a couple of months! And then I'll be back home in Melaka for I don't know how long, but let's just assume that I'll be there forever.

We all know that long distance relationships never work out. Well, for me it never works out anyway.

Why? Because I'm clingy and needy. That's why.

At the rate we're going, its safe to say that for us to date will take another year or so. Which sucks, I know. And which is why I'm rethinking about investing my feelings on him. I have this evil voice at the back of my mind asking me to keep my mind straight coz if its never gonna work out, why try anyway?

Yup. A lot of people will be punching, kicking and slapping me for saying that. Because I promised I'll try hard. Hurm. Don't worry, I won't back down on my promise, and I'll still try because I genuinely like this guy.

Let time tell if its ever gonna work between us.

And let's be clear about another thing too. I still can't figure out whether he likes me or not. So, at the moment its a one-sided affair. FML. Blerghh.

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