Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Beware the bitchy me

Its that time of the month again, and the hormones are driving me crazy! I feel needy and tired and hungry all the time, and I hate it. My skin is acting up too, which makes me feel so fugly now.

I'm fat and ugly, not the best combo.

Its sad that when I need attention the most, you're just not there. Is this how its gonna be from now on?

If its gonna be this way, I might as well end things now before I get too attached. I don't wanna open my heart up only to get hurt again. I want someone who will value me. I know what I want from a relationship, I know how I want to be treated, and I definitely won't tolerate less than what I deserve.

I want to be happy. I need to be happy. I fucking deserve to be happy.

But if you can't commit yourself to making me happy, then maybe we could save ourselves from all the trouble and move on?

Coz honestly, I'm not happy at all now. Treating me like this? Dude, you really screwed up big time.

The probation period

Thank God for pushy friends whom were desperate for answers, as I did. You guys solved my problem. All I had to do was ask, to clarify things. Though, technically I'm not the one typing. Hehehe, thanks dude. I owe you one. :) And sorry for your lost though. I'll be here if you need me, okay?

So, what's next?

Its the dreaded three months period. I hope we both can make it this time. I hope the commitment-phobe in me is long gone, and I sure as hell hope he survives this.

The honeymoon period. This is it.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Why am I the one?

"So darling if you love me, would you let me know?" -Fun

Yes, darling. Its about time you let me know.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

A perfect weekend

Yess, the girls and I are in JB now! We just got back from another trip to USS. The last time we went was three years ago, and it was fun getting to go on rides again. I'll post about this soon, coz I'm just too sleepy now.

Here's a picture for a preview? Luls.

Friday, April 26, 2013

The verdict

Content or happy?

Happy. :) Enough said.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Why men should start reading women's magazine

I found this in Cleo just now. Pay attention to the "how do you know when a girl is really interested in you" answer. Hahahahahahahahahaahaha. True.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Hello people! Its yet another week, the seventh week of the semester to be precise. I am so restless this week as I'm looking forward to the USS trip this weekend! Miahaha, I fucking deserve time off of stupid things and its time to get my shit together, so, game on!

We'll be leaving to JB in a couple of days, and I sure hope everything goes well, with the hotel and all. We made a pact, yet again to ride all the rides. I can't escape from the Human and Cyclone rides this time. Sobsssss. I am so nervous thinking about it, coz I remembered how scared I was the last time I was there. I know, I'm just overthinking stuffs, which is so me. Sue me. Hahaha.

Okay, news?

I finally went to the interview for the position at Student Recruitment Centre in uni, and I got the job! Yeah, yeah, all that fuss over a part-time job, I know. But still, it pays well, and I only have to work in between classes, which is great. I'm a very happy girl now. :) Let's just hope that everything goes well when I start working on Monday.

Meanwhile, I have shitloads to do or die next week and I haven't start on anything yet. Yes, something is terribly wrong with me. This is my final semester and my attitude towards uni or life is just..... depressing. This can't go on. Shit gets real in another one and a half month. T_T

What what, what what?

I am dead. My stupid heart and brain need to come back to their senses, ASAP. I should write up a post on what's messing with my head soon. But, I don't know how to write about it since I find the issue beyond ridiculous. So...... I guess that would have to wait.

Things that couldn't wait would have to be more selfie! Featuring my hugging buddies! Hehehe

 Lets see. There's Nick, GY, Giraffe and Collin. :)
 Still them. Still me.
Not in the picture: Tabi, Mr Flower.

My bed is practically a zoo. I sleep only at the corner. Hahahaha. Okay, not.

Monday, April 22, 2013


Come and get me if you want me.

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Yesss! I am back home in Melaka! Though yesterday was another tough day for me coz I was just running around handling stuffs at home, today has been better so far. My baby sis was warded, with apendicitis, and was operated on this morning. Mom stayed with her, so.... its just me and my big sis looking after the lil ones at home.

This is it. Mid term paper is coming and I need to study. Not just study, I need to STUDY HARD.

Hehe, while doing that, I could always spend a heck of a great time with my babies!

 Hahaha, he can't open his eyes. Dasar cina. :P


Friday, April 19, 2013

When things go wrong

Just when I thought that maybe its time for good things to happen to me, things don't work out. I can't force someone to feel something for me when they don't. I know for sure that he didn't feel the same way after going out with him today.

How do I know that, you say?

Lets just make this easy by saying that he's not interested. Apparently he didn't have the intention to be more than friends with me. I think I practically flashed a neon "I like you" sign to him, but he.... Well, he didn't even make an effort to show that he's interested.

Well, this sucks. I feel horrible. I really tried to make it work, but nope. Can't continue trying on my own.

Its time for me to stop falling for someone who'll never come around. Its time to stop. I've hurt myself too much in the process already.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

If you want something done right, do it yourself

Can't always wait for things to happen my way now, can I? In the twenty two years I'm living I think I finally am getting the hang of things.

Who says we can't have a fling or two every once in a while?

Or fun, for that matter.

To hell with waiting for things that are never gonna happen. Make things happen instead.

Try. Make mistakes. Learn from mistakes. We only live once anyway.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Just saying

My close friends would've known this. I hate it when people don't respond to my text. Like hate it hate it. And for whatever reason you give me later, all i hear are excuses and more excuses. I don't tolerate things like this, especially when involving guys.

Okay, to be fair, there are only two reasons which I might consider forgiving when you don't reply my text.

First, is prolly if you died while giving birth. This is highly unlikely if you don't own a vagina.

The second reason is.... If you're too busy getting probed at by aliens who abducted you.

Personally, I like the second reason more. Haha.

But lets be honest here.

If you have time to actually tweet something, then you have more than enough time to text me. A simple good morning or good night text will do, you know? Just to let me know that you're alive and kicking. And well, because I'm clingy and needy and I think about you all the time? Hahaha.

Just saying. Three days with not even a hello is not how I roll. I am seriously pissed now.

Oh, I'm such a drama queen, I know. Deal with it.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Off the meds

I should probably start getting myself busy with stuffs. Studying, doing assignments and what not. Just so that I can take my mind of things. The genetics midterm is just around the corner, and I think I'm totally fucked coz I missed too many classes I don't understand what's what anymore.

I can't afford to screw my midterm up. Ughh.

As crazy as I want my final sem to be, I still have to keep in mind that for this to be my final sem, I need to not flunk anything. So.....

Gotta study. NOW I mean.

On other news, I'll be back in Melaka this weekend! I have an appointment with the eye doctor on Monday I think. Lets just hope I've put on enough medication for my eyes to heal. I can't bear the thought of me wearing specs for one more week. I feel so self-conscious wearing them, I don't know why.

I have so many things to whine about, but that would have to wait till later. I need to calm the fuck up first. Hehe

Goodnight loves. xx

Monday, April 15, 2013

I believe

Or at least I wanna believe that I am not beyond saving.

Your time is up

Its Monday again! Oh my, what? The weekend passed by so fast I could barely keep up with things. 😔

So, what did I do over the weekend?

On Saturday I was out with Ines for a hangout session. Yesterday I was at my brother's for lunch and then I was out for dinner with Mimo and Lilo. My weekend was filled with laughter and what not. I bought a few things which were good steals, and I'm a very happy girl! Hehehe 😉

Oh btw, I'm still stuck with my assignments. Doing it now, when I have to submit it in a few hours. Shoot me now. Why am I so lazy these days??? Blerghhhh.

I'll talk to you guys soon, okay? I have a douche to dispose of, and a slutty self to return to.

All is finally well in my world. 😚
xx loves.

Here's a few pictures from my hangout session.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Into you ;)

"I should be over all the butterflies
But I'm into you
And baby even on our worst nights
I'm into you" -Paramore

Street food and love

Hello again guys! Its my favorite day of the week, and I'm psyched! I have plans for tomorrow and Sunday, so this will not be a boring weekend afterall, though the USS trip was cancelled.

I just got back home from class and all and its raining. Miahaha, more reason to sleep in all afternoon. :) Lilo and I went to Putrajaya just now to collect my passport, and luckily the system's working this time! I was about to go cray cray if its still not working.

I also managed to get a few things done, like changing sim and casing and what not for the new phone. Anddd, I finally found the strawberry blonde hair dye that I was looking for! I'm a very happy girl now. Hehehehe.

Will post up a picture once I dye my hair. Till then, here are a few pics from today! ;)


Honestly I wanna see you. Honestly, I kinda miss you. Honestly, I wish you'd insisted on meeting me. Honestly, I wish that you'd miss me too. Honestly, I think I like you more than I expected. Honestly, I'm a lil frustrated that I didn't get to see you at all this week. Honestly, I'm needy now and I want you here. Hurm.

And honestly, I doubt that that's gonna happen.

I don't know how to be down right honest and tell you that I miss you and I'm having a bad day and I want to be with you now. I just don't know how.

And why on earth are you living so far away from me anyway?? Sighhh.

The needy me

Its been a long and tiring day today, what with the drama at the immigration and the no parking drama early in the morning. My level of tiredness is just above and beyond! I just wanna lie in bed and not move an inch.

The weather on the other hand is just perfect, alhamdulillah. Sleeping at night is super comfortable, though it is a bit harder to get myself up in the morning. Its just too cold! The duvet and me are inseparable, we cuddle day and night. :D

The weekend is coming soon, and I still haven't heard word of the USS trip. At this rate I still don't know whether it'd be safe to assume that the trip is off or not. Well, let's not dwell on that. I'm feeling a little down at the moment.

 photo tumblr_mf76vgJ7OC1r08xlao1_500_zps8711ae70.gif

Just hug me.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

This thing called love

Yup. This thing called love is..... Tricky. Messy. Exciting. Lovely. Cute. Cuddly. Beautiful. Ugly.

And its the thing I hate and love the most.

Monday, April 08, 2013

The power of motion

Hello guys! I'm back from my rafting trip and also from Fraser's Hills. Yes. Fraser's. I shall never set foot there, like ever again. No, its not like I don't like Fraser's Hills, its just that the road heading there is so crazy I ended up being car-sick the whole time.

Motion sickness is so shitty. Yeah, it makes you feel like crap. And let's not forget about the vomiting and stuffs. I haven't been so car-sick in like years! Hahaha, I kinda feel bad for the guys coz they have to tolerate me being sick and disgusting and needy. Sorry again, guys. I just can't help it. :)

But other than that, the trip was perfect! I had an amazing time rafting! Ngehehe, I feel like doing it again and again and again. And what's not to love about the company? I love my ex-colleagues! They showed me a great time, and they're so great to be around.

Sadly, I haven't been up to collecting pictures. So that will have to wait. Instead, I have selfies! :P

 Budak muntah. Take note of the t-shirt btw.

Haha, I found this there and it was just too cute I had to get it! :D

 Just a sneak peek. Hee. 

I have a lot of things to do tomorrow. Gonna go phone hunting and all. Thank God the morning class is cancelled! I'm gonna sleep to my heart's content tonight. My body's all sore from the over-exertion. Happy Monday loves! 

Friday, April 05, 2013

The Joes

So yesterday I took the kids out for dinner and movie night! Hehe, Shamil's birthday's coming, and we celebrated earlier. :)

We ended up watching G.I. Joe:Retaliation as The Croods was on pretty late. Oh boy, the movie was boringgggggggg. I'm glad that the boys were entertained enough to not fall asleep in the cinema though. But seriously? I lose interest right after the Duke guy died.

Anyways, it doesn't matter if the movie sucks. What matters was the kids and I had fun last night. :) They are growing up so fast, sometimes I miss them running around causing trouble as little kids. Hurm. Kakak misses you guys.

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Wednesday, April 03, 2013


I just got on the weighing scale just now and I watched in horror as the scale pointed to a number 2 kg heavier than what I'm supposed to be! I died inside. Why does this happens everytime I'm at home for my holidays????? Whyyyyy???

Well, you know exactly why.

Mom is not helping either by cooking all this wonderful dishes that I can't help but eat. I eat dinner every day without missing a single day at home. Gosh. Gosh. Gosh. I am so dead.

Someone take the fats off of me please? I'm in the mood for charity here.

I guess I'd have to have the long procrastinated jog tomorrow afterall.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Doctor who?

Hey people, I  finally did managed to drag my feet to the ophthalmologist this morning! Yeah, yeah, I was so scared because I was on my own, but I went and see the doctor anyway. Coz I think its important to know what's wrong with my eye before its too late, and mostly because mom's been nagging at me for not visiting the eye doctor sooner.

Oh, well.

So the doctor said I had multiple wounds on my cornea which causes abrasion. The abrasion in turn makes the surface of my eye uneven, and this is what causes me to feel very uncomfortable everytime I blink. It wasn't that bad that I need to get under the knife or anything like that, but bad enough for the doc to ask me to lay off em lenses for a couple of weeks, and probably more. I've never been told by the doctor to stay away from wearing lenses for that long. Never.

That's when I can guess the severity of the wounds.

In case you're wondering, the wounds on the surface of the eye occur when we tried taking off our contact lenses after wearing them for long hours. The lense will be very dry, and kinda sticks to your eye a bit. Taking it off is slightly painful because it inflicts cuts on your eye. And the wound never got to heal properly because the next day you'll be wearing lenses again. The same kind of wounds will be inflicted over and over everytime we take off our lenses after long hours, which is not good. Its dangerous, in fact.

Take home message for today will be to take good care of your eyes, especially to those who are wearing contact lenses.

Looks like overexerting activities this weekend is off the table. :(

Mom said there's no way she's gonna let me go water-rafting this weekend with my eye in terrible condition. But I beg to differ.

I'm gonna fully rest my eyes these few days so that at least it will be in bearable condition for the rafting. Or, I could always just go and watch them raft instead. :) Either way, there's no way I'm gonna miss this weekend's getaway.

Goodnight now, lovelies. xx

Monday, April 01, 2013

Crazy eyes

I am currently typing from the comfort of my bed at home. :) Hehehe. What can I say? Its good to be home! And I had a great family weekend. More than that, I love spending time with my brothers. They drive me crazy, but more like, crazy happy!

Other than happy news, I have some unfortunate news.

I'm visiting the ophthalmologist tomorrow, finally. For those of you who haven't heard about it, I'm having eye trouble. I don't know what it is, hopefully I'm gonna get some answers tomorrow from the specialist.

Let's just pray that my left eye is perfectly fine. At most, just let it be another normal eye infection.

Blergh. The down side of wearing contact lenses over the years: contracting eye infection frequently.

I want my Lasik surgery done within five years. Let's save up from now, shall we?

I'll let you know how things go tomorrow, okay? TTYS!