Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Beware the bitchy me

Its that time of the month again, and the hormones are driving me crazy! I feel needy and tired and hungry all the time, and I hate it. My skin is acting up too, which makes me feel so fugly now.

I'm fat and ugly, not the best combo.

Its sad that when I need attention the most, you're just not there. Is this how its gonna be from now on?

If its gonna be this way, I might as well end things now before I get too attached. I don't wanna open my heart up only to get hurt again. I want someone who will value me. I know what I want from a relationship, I know how I want to be treated, and I definitely won't tolerate less than what I deserve.

I want to be happy. I need to be happy. I fucking deserve to be happy.

But if you can't commit yourself to making me happy, then maybe we could save ourselves from all the trouble and move on?

Coz honestly, I'm not happy at all now. Treating me like this? Dude, you really screwed up big time.

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