Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Doctor who?

Hey people, I  finally did managed to drag my feet to the ophthalmologist this morning! Yeah, yeah, I was so scared because I was on my own, but I went and see the doctor anyway. Coz I think its important to know what's wrong with my eye before its too late, and mostly because mom's been nagging at me for not visiting the eye doctor sooner.

Oh, well.

So the doctor said I had multiple wounds on my cornea which causes abrasion. The abrasion in turn makes the surface of my eye uneven, and this is what causes me to feel very uncomfortable everytime I blink. It wasn't that bad that I need to get under the knife or anything like that, but bad enough for the doc to ask me to lay off em lenses for a couple of weeks, and probably more. I've never been told by the doctor to stay away from wearing lenses for that long. Never.

That's when I can guess the severity of the wounds.

In case you're wondering, the wounds on the surface of the eye occur when we tried taking off our contact lenses after wearing them for long hours. The lense will be very dry, and kinda sticks to your eye a bit. Taking it off is slightly painful because it inflicts cuts on your eye. And the wound never got to heal properly because the next day you'll be wearing lenses again. The same kind of wounds will be inflicted over and over everytime we take off our lenses after long hours, which is not good. Its dangerous, in fact.

Take home message for today will be to take good care of your eyes, especially to those who are wearing contact lenses.

Looks like overexerting activities this weekend is off the table. :(

Mom said there's no way she's gonna let me go water-rafting this weekend with my eye in terrible condition. But I beg to differ.

I'm gonna fully rest my eyes these few days so that at least it will be in bearable condition for the rafting. Or, I could always just go and watch them raft instead. :) Either way, there's no way I'm gonna miss this weekend's getaway.

Goodnight now, lovelies. xx

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