Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Off the meds

I should probably start getting myself busy with stuffs. Studying, doing assignments and what not. Just so that I can take my mind of things. The genetics midterm is just around the corner, and I think I'm totally fucked coz I missed too many classes I don't understand what's what anymore.

I can't afford to screw my midterm up. Ughh.

As crazy as I want my final sem to be, I still have to keep in mind that for this to be my final sem, I need to not flunk anything. So.....

Gotta study. NOW I mean.

On other news, I'll be back in Melaka this weekend! I have an appointment with the eye doctor on Monday I think. Lets just hope I've put on enough medication for my eyes to heal. I can't bear the thought of me wearing specs for one more week. I feel so self-conscious wearing them, I don't know why.

I have so many things to whine about, but that would have to wait till later. I need to calm the fuck up first. Hehe

Goodnight loves. xx

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