Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Hello people! Its yet another week, the seventh week of the semester to be precise. I am so restless this week as I'm looking forward to the USS trip this weekend! Miahaha, I fucking deserve time off of stupid things and its time to get my shit together, so, game on!

We'll be leaving to JB in a couple of days, and I sure hope everything goes well, with the hotel and all. We made a pact, yet again to ride all the rides. I can't escape from the Human and Cyclone rides this time. Sobsssss. I am so nervous thinking about it, coz I remembered how scared I was the last time I was there. I know, I'm just overthinking stuffs, which is so me. Sue me. Hahaha.

Okay, news?

I finally went to the interview for the position at Student Recruitment Centre in uni, and I got the job! Yeah, yeah, all that fuss over a part-time job, I know. But still, it pays well, and I only have to work in between classes, which is great. I'm a very happy girl now. :) Let's just hope that everything goes well when I start working on Monday.

Meanwhile, I have shitloads to do or die next week and I haven't start on anything yet. Yes, something is terribly wrong with me. This is my final semester and my attitude towards uni or life is just..... depressing. This can't go on. Shit gets real in another one and a half month. T_T

What what, what what?

I am dead. My stupid heart and brain need to come back to their senses, ASAP. I should write up a post on what's messing with my head soon. But, I don't know how to write about it since I find the issue beyond ridiculous. So...... I guess that would have to wait.

Things that couldn't wait would have to be more selfie! Featuring my hugging buddies! Hehehe

 Lets see. There's Nick, GY, Giraffe and Collin. :)
 Still them. Still me.
Not in the picture: Tabi, Mr Flower.

My bed is practically a zoo. I sleep only at the corner. Hahahaha. Okay, not.

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