Friday, April 19, 2013

When things go wrong

Just when I thought that maybe its time for good things to happen to me, things don't work out. I can't force someone to feel something for me when they don't. I know for sure that he didn't feel the same way after going out with him today.

How do I know that, you say?

Lets just make this easy by saying that he's not interested. Apparently he didn't have the intention to be more than friends with me. I think I practically flashed a neon "I like you" sign to him, but he.... Well, he didn't even make an effort to show that he's interested.

Well, this sucks. I feel horrible. I really tried to make it work, but nope. Can't continue trying on my own.

Its time for me to stop falling for someone who'll never come around. Its time to stop. I've hurt myself too much in the process already.

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