Saturday, May 04, 2013


Hello again guys. Its been a while since I last wrote about stuffs. These days I've been so out of it, I know. But not to worry, people. Everything is well and under control. Like I said, if I ever find myself in a relationship that makes me unhappy, I always have the option to walk away, right? ;)

So, this weekend I'm back at home in the company of family and friends! Since the election is on Sunday, I don't think I'll be leaving the house at all except to search for food? Yeah, It would be wise for me to just stay at home and avoid the horrible traffic.

Well, news?

For one, I am officially broke now. Two more months before finishing my degree, and I am so broke, I almost cried seeing my bank balance. Hahaha I'm shooting myself now. Though I kinda expected the state of brokeness this semester since I'm spending on a lot of things, I didn't expect my broke state to come knocking so soon! I died.

Then again, I just started working part time, that should prolly cover the expenses for the trip planned. :) Other expenses will have to come from daddy dearest.

Okay, better get on daddy's good side this two months. Hehe.

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