Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Counting down the weeks

Hello people! I am back in front of the laptop, which either means I'm busy with work, or I'm busy wasting time. In this case, I gotta say both. I am extremely busy with assignments due here and there, working the part time job, prepping for the birthday bash, allocating time for family and friends for hangouts, job hunting, all that shit. Damn, this semester is crazyyyy. I'm worried about the finals. Less than a month to go! T_T I died.

So I was video-walking on youtube just now, taking a break from racking my brain for ideas for my Consumer Behavior essay, and I found this video.

They are just so cute together! It makes me wanna hold on to that hope of finding that one person which is as crazy about me as I am about him, which complements me in ways I couldn't explain. And in the 22 years I've been living, I haven't found that person yet, so......

There's plenty of time to meet new people and be in and out of relationships. To learn more about myself, to get what I want from a relationship, to give as much in a relationship. To fall in love, fall out of love, be happy, get hurt and go through it all over again. Just so that I could finally end up with someone that could keep my insecurities at bay, and make me happy being with him, with me just being me.

I am not gonna comment on the current state of my relationship. I said I'm gonna give it time, and so time I will give.Tbh, I wonder why other guys can invest more time with me and express themselves emotionally to me than my own boyfriend. It beats me. Really. If I start to rant about all the things that's been bothering me, you guys won't see the end of it.

Then again, maybe its the bad habit of mine making its comeback. Pushing people away. I can't tell the difference. Haha.

Give it time. Give it time.

Back to work, I guess. Those 3000 words aren't gonna get written on its own.

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