Saturday, May 11, 2013

Meet the Satan

I posted on twitter on how I'm an attention-craving psycho and how I feel like hitting my boyfriend coz he's not giving me enough attention.

"Me: I feel like hitting him with a wooden plank. He's so frustratingggg"

"Friend: What is it this time?"

"Me: Well, you know me. I need attention all the timeeee."

"Friend: Alolo kesiannn."

"Me: Ughh, I hate PMS! It makes me needy all the timeee."

"Friend: Hahaha, you are needy even without PMS. "

Okay laaa. To be fair, I am needy all the time. But........ The PMS is turning me into one psychotic needy freak. My menses should be here already. Why are you doing this to me?? Why are you not here yet??

Crying now coz I'm so emo. Coz my period is not here yet. Coz that's what emo people do? Shoot me.


I'm yapping about stupid stuffs now, I know. But it's really frustrating.

I'll write more when I'm emotionally stable. Gotta go do breathing exercise or something now coz I'm just too crazy.


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