Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The cumberbitch

So, news?

I quit my part-time job. Just because I needed more time on my hands now. Its done, and I'm relieved that one part of this whole mess is taken care of.

As for the other stuffs, I need to take care of them ASAP.

Well, on other news. We finally went to watch Star Trek: Into the Darkness yesterday! Miahaha, I was looking forward to watch Benedict Cumberbatch I almost leaped to the screen when I saw him! :)

He is too cute in the Sherlock Holmes series, and he transformed into such a cool dude in Star Trek! I died.

He's like the super-epic villain, and I feel like he's so sexy and I want him in my bed, and omfg what am I doing. Hahahaha.

He looks a bit dorky I know. But he is extremely tall!

What is it with me and tall guys anyway? They just turn me on being tall, I don't care how they look like. Okay, okay, that's a lie. I ALWAYS care about their looks. Then again, its their height that makes me feel like its fun to climb on them and plant a kiss somewhere on their face. Oh God, "climb"? Really, Chak?

Forgive me with my choice of words and actions today, I'm just..... excited I guess?

Gotta go back to thinking straight. Assignments waiting! xx

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