Sunday, May 19, 2013

The scariest times yet

Week 11 is finally here! The second last week of classes. It almost brings me down to tears. I can't believe that three years in Monash is soon coming to an end. Its so sad that the days are passing by so fast when I don't want everything to end. I want to savor every moment here while I can, but reality is catching up on me too soon. :(

I'm so nervous as I'm nearing the finals, as I'm packing my stuffs to go back home. I'm nervous to start a new life. I'm scared of the wrong decisions I'm about to make, I'm scared if I ever stray from the path I wanted to take. I'm scared to take that first step out of my comfort zone. I'm scared.

But the first rule of truly living is to do the thing you're most afraid of. So I'm trying to overcome my fear and make my way through this, step by step. First thing first, I gotta make sure that I graduate this semester. The way I'm handling my assignment is not pretty convincing right now, so I gotta step it up, especially for finals!

Its crazy that I have 3 more weeks before finals, and before leaving uni. Crazy.

Who would've thought that three years could've gone by so fast?


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